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List of necessary items for a smart kitchen

A neat kitchen with full utensils is an inspiration to help women create delicious dishes. Under the constant development, kitchen appliances are also upgraded to a new level.

These utensils not only bring maximum efficiency when working in the kitchen, but also save time, kitchen area and are beautiful. Let’s find out with napgasdieuhoa which kitchen utensils are necessary!

Cooking kitchen

For cooking stoves, there are two types most commonly used today, gas stoves and induction cookers, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages and has different prices. To help cook quickly, you need these two types of stoves.


Refrigerators are the most popular kitchen appliances. Because it can save time going to the market, helping food to be fresher before processing and preserving leftovers. With a refrigerator you can store food for a whole week for the family.

Microwave oven

Microwave oven is a very necessary product in heating food and defrosting food quickly, in addition, you can boil vegetables, cook sticky rice, bake cakes… Owning a microwave in the kitchen, you can can save ¾ of cooking time, helping food always stay hot at the table.

During the cooking time, the kitchen will be smelled of foods that fill the room, causing discomfort and possibly staining clothes. The hood is an effective solution, helping to keep the air in your kitchen clean and comfortable.

Oven mitts

Today, the oven is becoming an indispensable appliance in every family’s kitchen. Help sisters make baked goods quickly, and food is cooked evenly. In addition to making baked goods from meat, you can make cakes such as pizza, bread, sponge cake…


With a blender, slicing, grinding, and mincing vegetables is no longer a difficult problem, especially when the weather becomes hot, smoothie drinks are popular with everyone. Currently, there are many types of compact, portable blenders that are easy to shred, crush and beat eggs.

Types of pans

Frying, frying, pan-frying, sautéing, making sauces, baking .. are the basic tasks of a pan, we tend to buy a nonstick pan that costs a few hundred thousand to refill and use them. for all purposes, that’s not good at all, basically nonstick pans are coated with a layer of teflon on the aluminum or steel surface to prevent sticking, and at first use they proved to be quite effective at resisting. stick, but only for a while, under the effect of heat and improper use (using hard, sharp metal objects when frying ..) the non-stick coating is peeled off, hazardous to health and the pan. non-stick becomes..very sticky.

Types of special pots

The pot is a basic kitchen tool that is indispensable for every family, people use the pot to cook all the basic dishes.

Kitchen knife

Using a knife is an art in the process of cooking, handling ingredients and decorating dishes. There is also a course on using kitchen knives for users to slice, cut yarn, cut seeds, chop, chop, trim .. in which learners must control the speed of the cutter, keep their hands safe when cutting, and how to create the perfect cut for each dish.

Food storage box

Food containers are important kitchen tools that store processed and unprocessed foods, a powerful tool to protect food from exposure to air, mold, humidity, and environmental conditions

Food containers help users keep food neatly separated and prevent cross-contamination when kept in the refrigerator, an indispensable kitchen solution.


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