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List of necessary items for gaming computers

Having a really cool, powerful gaming PC is every gamer’s dream. No matter what game you play, professional or amateur. To have a powerful enough gaming PC, we must carefully select all the internal components, specifically as follows.

6 most important PC components for gamers

1. CPU

With every computer or laptop, the CPU or microprocessor chip is the brain, the most important part despite its very small size. With a gaming PC, it is clear that the chip needs to choose a new, more powerful, high-end type. You can refer to some specialized CPUs to serve gaming needs such as AMD Ryzen 7 8600, Intel Core i9-12900K, etc.

2. Mainboard

The motherboard or motherboard is a large circuit board for mounting various components and parts in a gaming PC. Acting as a bridge between conductors, circuits, components, etc. Mainboard must meet enough position to plug components. First, you must see if the number of RAM slots on the board matches the amount of RAM you intend to install and is compatible. If there is a need to plug other peripheral devices into the computer (including future needs). The motherboard must have room to service these devices.

3.Graphics card

Graphics card, video card or VGA is a must-have with any computer if you have a need to play games or do graphics. When building a gaming PC, we need to find a game-specific graphics card instead of a generic one, which will be better supported. With the VGA of the gaming pc, we have to pay much attention to the heat dissipation system. When plowing games, especially when plowing, they will generate a lot of heat, which needs to be reduced quickly to ensure safety and machine life.

4. RAM

When introducing computers, RAM is the information that is usually listed just after the processor chip information. A computer can usually fit more than 1 stick of RAM. With a gaming PC, it requires the speed of RAM to be very fast for a smooth experience. You need to choose a product with BUS RAM (BUS Speed) specifications – the higher the data transmission speed, the better.

5. PC case

The last factor seems simple, but it is not easy to choose at all. We often choose beautiful, cool, personality, and personal cases. But another important thing is that the gaming PC case needs to be made of good, durable and heat-dissipating materials. Only then will the internal parts have a solid ‘dwelling place’, not affected by the external environment.

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